Kith & Kin Studio wins at the 2016 Contra Costa County Fair

Kith & Kin Studio put thirteen entries into competition at the 2016 Contra Costa County Fair in Antioch, Ca. The entries succeeded in taking sixteen ribbons and awards including twelve "Blue" ribbons, one "Red" ribbon, two "Best of Division" awards, and one "Best of Show" award.

Harlech Castle, Wales

In the "Professional" Division, paintings were judged using the American system. This means that artwork is judged against other artwork. Every entry is in competition with every other entry. It's like in the Olympics. There can only be one 1st place, one 2nd place, and one 3rd place winner. In this category, I took three Blue ribbons and one Red ribbon. I'm very proud and happy that my painting of "Harlech Castle" took a Blue ribbon and was also selected for the "Best of Division" and the "Best of Show" awards.

Chicken in a Bucket

In the "Youth" Division, judging follows the Danish system. This system compares entries against a set of rules and guidelines allowing the judges to rank each youth's entry without the need for competition between the youths themselves. It's like the A, B, C, D and F grades in a school. There can be more than one student in a class that gets an "A", more than one student that gets a "B", etc.

In this category we had two students entering nine paintings. As in past years, the students won nothing lower than Blue ribbons. One student also received the award for "Best of Division" and the highest award for "Best of Show" for her painting titled "Chicken in a Bucket". This student is ten years old and has only been attending classes with me for one year.

White Roses and Snapdragons

Our other Youth entry received a Blue ribbon for her painting titled "White Roses and Snapdragons". This student is twelve years old and has been a student for only three years.